Eurocruz commitment to provide its fleet of vehicles-Tractor with Euro5 engines latest technology, meeting the highest European standards in the field of environmental protection.

Sustainable vehicles. Committed to the environment and sustainability. Eurocruz has established a policy of constant renewal of trucks to ensure they are equipped with the latest advances in the field of sustainability and the latest technology allows us to moderate the impact of gas emissions per kilometer to levels that exceed the requirements of European regulations on environmental matters.

Also, refrigerated trailers equipped with electric engines whose emissions are significantly reduced during prolonged detention.

We are committed Greener Transportation Alternatives as “Short-Sea Shipping” and system “rail-road“, thereby Issue 5 times less CO2 into the atmosphere, since it reduces the number of kilometers by road.



We Periodically have driving courses to reduce fuel consumption and emit less CO2.

We have designed an office building to illuminate all departments with sunlight and reduce power consumption.

We’ve got management and recycling of waste oils.


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